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Cessationism, Have I Been Wrong?

Current Position

The link below is just one argument proponents of cessationism use, although I haven’t seen it employed.  Cheung I think refutes it pretty well.  However, in the list of verses he uses in this article, I would maintain that outside of Matthew 21:12 and John 14:12, the verses used do seem to be directed at the apostles specifically.  The main passage (Hebrews 2:2-4) that he is citing is interesting in that it has 3 “proofs” of the gospel:  1 Christ himself, 2 “those who heard him”, 3 signs, wonders and various miracles, and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

I’ve begun reading B.B. Warfield’s Counterfeit Miracles after Southern Israelite posted it to his blog in total.  I will be commenting on this book once I’m finished to see if anything new has been brought to light regarding the arguments for this doctrine.  Until then, my basic position is that if the Bible is silent on such topics, then we ought to be silent as well.  I am open to either idea and can see how either could be true.

Prior Position regarding Cessationism

I used to be someone that thought “powers” were ridiculous and mostly a ruse for TV preachers to make money.  I’ve since re-examined my position after following Vincent Cheung’s blog.  He has almost fully dedicated his ministry to the idea that faith trumps all.  He supports this idea with many writings and cites many verses.  Although I don’t agree with Cheung on everything (specifically, the Trinity), I do respect his many arguments against cessationism so far.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not well-read in this area, but I plan to be soon.  I will certainly add any new insights to this website ASAP.  If anyone has good works on this stuff – please link them in the comments below.  I’ll be happy to take a look.


Here is one of Cheung’s latest:

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